10 Gift Ideas He'll Love In 2019: Black Men's Edition

Posted by Lisa Sitwell on November 11, 2019
10 Gift Ideas He'll Love In 2019: Black Men's Edition

Choosing the perfect gift for a black man can be tricky. We’re versatile and particular about the things we like. To understand the philosophy of great giving, check out Choosing the Perfect Gift for Him: Black Men's Edition. Before settling for another boring gift card or tie, think about the interest of the black man you’re shopping for and what he would probably like to receive. Whether shopping for your husband, dad, brother, or son, we have great gift ideas for black men that won’t break the bank. 

For the Techie

Gift Ideas for Black Men

Anker Portable Battery Power Bank will give him one less reason to ever miss a call. This gift idea is a portable charger delivers 18W of charging power and lets you charge up to two devices at once. If he loves technology and is always on the go, get this gift.





For the Fashion Lover

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Bel Air Academy Throwback Jersey is a staple for the culture. Will Smith’s iconic Bel-Air Academy jersey will complete any outfit or even look great framed and hung in the man cave, making it a perfect gift idea.  If he’s a sneakerhead, an athlete, or a streetwear enthusiast, he will appreciate this jersey, get this gift.









For the Bearded

Golden Grooming Co. Boss Beard Box is specifically designed to help black men get the beard of their dreams. This all-natural set includes a Beard Wash, Beard Balm, Beard Oil, Beard Comb, and Beard Brush, making it the ultimate beard growth kit.  If he’s a bearded veteran or just starting out, get this gift.






For the Handyman

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Lever Gear Toolcard Pro - 40-in-1 Credit Card Multitool is a handyman’s dream come true. This nifty gift idea gadget packs 40 tools into a credit card-sized multi-tool including wrenches, screwdrivers, bottle opener, can opener, prybar, cord cutter, hex bit driver and more.  If he’s always fixing something (or wants to), get this gift.




For the Gym Rat

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Fitbit Charge 3 is for the black men that truly believe health is wealth. This new and improved gift idea counts your calories and measures your heart rate, resting, and physical activity. It also connects to your smartphone for calls, texts, and other apps.  If he’s always in the gym putting in work, get this gift.






For the Hustler

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Rise and Grind is a must read for the thinker, creator, or entrepreneur in your life. Daymond John took $40 and turned it into a multi-million clothing brand, FUBU. In this book, he talks about the winning routines and secrets that took him to the top, making it a popular gift idea. If he’s always hustling and thinking of ways to make millions, get this gift.








For "The Woke"

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My Pride Apparel is a lifestyle brand for today’s conscious/ woke black man. They have an extensive line of pro-black and melanin-centric t-shirts and hoodies, which is a perfect gift idea for the winter months. If he’s all about black excellence, get this gift.




For the Homebody

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iRobot Braava Robot Mop is a gift idea that just makes life easier. If he’s always at home, then his home is probably always messy. This little robot sweeps and mops the floors, taking one more thing off his weekly chores list.  If he appreciates a clean home but can’t find the time to clean, get this gift.






For the Well-Groomed Gentleman

Golden Grooming Co. Grown Ass Man Box is perfect for completely transforming the quality of your skin. This all-natural set includes Face Wash, Face Scrub, Face Moisturizer, 3-In-1 Body Wash, Beard Wash, and Shampoo as well Body Balm and Beard Balm. The reviews for these products are amazing and ladies can’t resist the light but masculine natural scent, making it a great gift idea for women and men. If he takes his hygiene routine seriously, get this gift.




For the Sports Enthusiast

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#ImWithKap Jersey is a must-have collectible for any black sports fan. This authentic, limited edition jersey was completely designed by Colin Kaepernick and all proceeds go to the Know Your Rights Camp. The importance of this jersey and this movement goes without saying – if you know, you know. If he loves sports, and loves the players that make moves on and off the court, get this gift.