Beard Growth Tips - For Every Stage of Your Beard Growth Journey

Posted by Golden Grooming on January 14, 2020
Beard Growth Tips - For Every Stage of Your Beard Growth Journey

Growing a full thick beard is a goal that many men may have. You have to work extremely hard to maintain your beard, give it the right treatments, and ensure that it grows in an even way. To achieve your biggest beard ambitions, you’re going to need to do a lot more than simply letting your facial hair grow. By highlighting the different stages in your beard’s journey and offering beard growth tips for each of them, this post will give you a head start towards the beard you’ve always dreamed of.

Beard Growth Stage 1: The Stubble Stage

This is always the hardest part of growing your beard. The stubble which forms on your face causes huge amounts of irritation and itchiness, with the new hairs being coarse and rough. While this will only last for a couple of weeks, it’s often enough to make people want to shave their beard off, but there is a simple trick which will solve this.

Beard Growth Tips for the Stubble Stage - By applying beard oil after each shower, you will lock a lot more moisture into the hair on your face, softening it up and making it far more comfortable. It can also help to start washing your beard with all-natural beard wash at this stage. 

Beard Growth Stage 2: Beard Formation

After a couple of weeks have gone by, you will be blessed with some freedom from the discomfort your stubble has caused. Unfortunately, though, there will be new challenges to face. Your beard won’t be fully-formed, yet, and is likely to be patchy, messy, and lacking the coverage you want.

Beard Growth Tips for the Beard Formation Stage - Beard balm can help at this stage, but it will also be worth simply accepting your beard for what it is for the next three weeks. Be sure to brush and comb your beard daily. The gaps will fill and the patchiness will fade, and you just need to keep the future in mind to feel confident about your beard. Don’t give up.

Beard Growth Stage 3: Back To Shaving

It can feel strange to go right back to shaving your beard after spending so long growing it. Your new beard is going to need to be shaped, styled, and given a taste of its final form, though, and this is going to take some work. This stage will last for a couple of weeks.

Beard Growth Tips for the Shaving Stage - Most barbers will be more than happy to give you your first shave, creating lines which you can follow when you shave at home. 

Beard Growth Stage 4: Official #BeardGang Membership

Finally, as the last stage in this process, around three or four months after you started your beard’s journey, you will finally have facial hair worthy of envy. This is where the real work begins, with the maintenance you do on your beard playing a significant role in how it will look.

Beard Growth Tips for the Big Beard Stage - Your beard will get tangled, have messy clumps, and certain areas may be thinner than others, and this makes it crucial that you spend time managing it. Beard oil and beard balm will become your best friends, and the beardcare kit we offer at Golden Grooming has everything you need to keep your beard in excellent shape.

The timing of each beard growth stage is just a guide, your beard’s journey may be longer or shorter, but the beard growth tips mentioned above will still be applicable. Most men are surprised at how well they can grow their beard, and it’s never worth giving up, even when it takes longer than you want.

The key to a full beard has always been patience and maintenance. You won’t be able to grow a great beard without a little bit of time and effort, and you simply can’t rush something like this; it has to be taken slowly. A big part of this will involve choosing the best beard growth products to use with your beard, and you have a lot to pick from on the modern market.

Here at the Golden Grooming Company, we’ve had a lot of experience creating beard products for black men. Tailored to the hair type you have on your face, options like this will be far better than the generic brands you find on store shelves. Our natural ingredients produce masculine scents which are easy on the nose and evoke feelings of adventure.

You can find out more about our beard products on our website, and we’re always happy to offer the best beard growth tips if you want to get in touch. It’s always worth learning about the process your beard goes through, even if you don’t like science.