How to Choose The Best Lip Balm for Men

Posted by Golden Grooming on January 28, 2020
How to Choose The Best Lip Balm for Men

Ask any woman, nothing is worse than seeing a man  with dry cracked lips. You can have the best personality, the best beard, or the best outfit in the room, but having dry chapped  lips is just not a good look. That’s why we went on a mission to create the best lip balm for men, and trust us, it was no small feat. We took the time to think about the ingredients we used and the benefits they provided, being sure that our lip balm would live up to the hype. We also took a closer look at the existing lip balm for men options, and made sure that we could call our product the best lip balm in the game. Still don’t think lip care should be a part of your daily grooming routine? Keep reading. 

Why Lip Balm is Important  for Men

A lot of men assume that when they apply lip balm,  they are just adding moisture to their cracked, dry lips. However, the best lip balms for men will do so much more. Great lip balms will not only moisturize, they will also heal and protect, which means it will lock in moisture and keep your lips smooth for hours. Most lip balms for men don’t address the root of the problem, so it’s important to choose a lip balm that will improve the quality of your lips over time.

Benefits of Using Lip Balm for Men

There are a number of different benefits that are associated with wearing lip balm, especially for men. The best lip balms for men have several soothing effects, protecting against bacterial attacks. If that was not enough, lip balm can also protect you from the rays of the sun while also promoting fast healing of the skin. A lip balm will seal any cracks that are visible on chapped lips, helping to prevent further irritation and infection. Using lip balm designed specifically for men will make sure your lips stay smooth, soft, and healthy, without the glossy shine, tinted colors,  or feminine scents that are found in lip balm for women. 

What Makes a Great Lip Balm for Men

The skin on your lips is thinner than the skin on the rest of your body, making it prone to dryness and cracking. When choosing the best lip balm for your lips, you want to look for three things: 1) Moisture

 2) Protection and 3) Healing. Many of the mass-market lip balms available only do 1 out of these 3 things, and if they do more, the results are mediocre. If you’re looking for the best  lip balm for men that moisturizes, protects, and heals your lips NATURALLY, you’ve found it. 

Why is Natural Lip Balm Better for Men than Alternatives? 

There are a number of benefits associated with using natural lip balm better rather than a chemical-filled lip balm. Without any artificial colors or harmful chemicals, natural lip balm is much less likely to cause any irritation. Chaptick, Carmex, and other mass-market lip balms have ingredients that can dry out lips and become addictive. They also  don’t protect your lips from the sun and the cold. These products contain additives that provide short-term tingly sensations, like petroleum jelly, benzocaine, or menthol, but they do nothing to heal, moisturize, or protect your lips. In fact, petroleum jelly actually prevents moisture from entering your lips. Finally, natural lips balms are better for men because the mass-market lip balms can also contain parabens, which studies suggest can reduce testosterone levels and sperm production. What man wants that?

Using Lip Balm for Men

Whenever your lips feel dry or chapped, it’s time to pull out the lip balm. Whenever the weather conditions are extremely dry, cold, sunny, or windy, you should be using lip balm.  We recommend applying lip balm early and often. Reapply your lip balm every few hours throughout the day for the best effect. The best lip balms for men will have a long-lasting effect of at least 3 hours.

Why Golden Grooming Lip Balm for Men is Better than the Rest

We have designed our lip balm so that it keeps your lips soft for hours. Our Ultra-Moisturizing lip balm for men  is 100 percent natural, boasting ingredients such as palm oil, shea butter, and coconut oil. Palm oil repairs dry and cracked lips. Shea butter has been used for years to condition and soothe lips. Finally, coconut oil has a vitamin E and amino acid profile that is the ideal emollient for protecting and moisturizing lips. Most importantly, our lip balm is free of toxic chemicals and unnecessary additives. Your lips deserve better, so why not invest in the best lip balm for men on the market today?