Stop beard itch with these 5 tips

Posted by Golden Grooming on November 23, 2020
Stop beard itch with these 5 tips

5 Ways to overcome and heal Beard itch


If you are new to growing a beard or a veteran beard grower these tips are going help you finally grow an itch-free beard.

Bread itch is a problem most men put up when growing a beard. However, it deters most men from growing out of their beards.

Beard itch and irritation mostly occurs within the first three weeks of growing your best beard. These 5 tips and tools will you get through this annoying phase of the grow and get you to the beard of your dreams.


What Causes the beard itch?

Growing a beard takes time and takes maintenance and the number one cause itch and irritation is beard neglect. To have a healthy beard you need to have a face care routine. If you do not have one or only put products on once or twice a week you will not be able to get rid of the itch. For most men, it is imperative to wash and hydrate daily and exfoliate weekly.

Shaving with a razor causes sharp edges the closer the shave so if you are not trimming with clippers as the hair grows longer it will curl and start to scratch your face. So, make sure to give it a trim before when it first starts to get itchy.

Keep it clean

Washing your face and beard in the morning and night is key to a Clean beard. Using the Golden face wash will keep your face clean so you will not build up dead skin cells that dry out the skin. It is also important to use lukewarm water when washing because hot water will remove natural nutrients that keep your skin healthy. Making sure that your beard is fully dry is important to make sure that harmful bacteria does not grow in your manly main.

Beard Oil and Balm

Beard oil and balm are used to soften the rough hair by hydrating and moisturizing. These products are a must when battling itching and irritation. This is done by keeping your face moisturized, flake-free, and your beard soft not rough.




Comb and Brush

Keep a brush or comb on you for the first three weeks because they are great for battling itch and irritation. If you have your comb use that instead of itching with your fingers because touching our faces can cause acne which just leads to more irritation. When selecting your comb and brush stay away from plastics products, they can leave harmful residue. The brush is will allow you to evenly spread the bead oil while the comb will untangle and stop the curly hair from scratching your face.


Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown Hair is caused by shaving and is a big part of the irritation. Use our precision tip tweezers to remove them. Once the ingrown hair is removed the bump will heal on its own.

Keep it natural

Be particular about what you put on your face watch and make sure the contents are not harmful to your skin refer to Worst Products For Black Skin. Our products are developed to make sure that we stay natural and do include chemicals like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes or silicones, propylene glycol, mineral oils, triclosan, EDTA or aluminum, artificial fragrances or preservatives.. Relive the itch and irritation by monitoring what is in the products you are putting on your face. Our Deep Exfoliating Scrub and face wash will keep your face clean and hydrated with natural ingredients. Creating the optimal conditions to grow an itch free beard.


What you put on or don’t put on your skin daily directly reflects what your skin feels like and how you feel about it. Keep your face and beard feeling soft and itch free by using products that are made with the best natural products for black skin. If you want to get rid of the itch, provide your face the care it needs as well as your beard.