The Top 3 Travel Rules for Black Entrepreneurs

Posted by Staff Writer on June 09, 2018
The Top 3 Travel Rules for Black Entrepreneurs

Running a business is hard—but running a business while black introduces a whole new set of challenges. Between layovers, jetlag, and video conference calls, it's tough to always look your best when you’re always on the go. We get it. Of all the things black business owners must sacrifice, style shouldn’t be one. A well polished and put-together appearance says a lot about you before you even speak, it speaks to your attention to detail, level of professionalism, and even signals to the level of your success. We live in a superficial society based on social cues and appearances. Luckily, we’ve put together a quick style guide to help you stay on point at all times.

Get a Travel Grooming Kit for Your Car & Office

Your job as an entrepreneur often involves a lot of hustling during the day.  When you are shuffling between meetings, negotiations, arrangements, and management tasks, things can get pretty hectic (and even pretty sweaty).  A travel grooming kit can help you stay refreshed during the day. Here is what to include in your mini carry on grooming kit:

  • Beard, Hair & Body Wash to freshen up in between meetings or an unexpected date after a long day. Keep everything fresh with this one simple product.
  • Body Lotion to make sure your handshakes are strong and well-moisturized. Just a dab of this and you’re good to go.
  • Beard Balm with Comb & Brush to keep every single hair in place.
  • Fresh Collared Shirt just in case you need a backup. Keep it rolled up to prevent wrinkles.
  • Deodorant for obvious reasons.
  • Breath Fresheners like chewing gum or mints. If your swag is on 10, make sure your breath isn’t.
  • Cologne that is light and universal for any occasion.
  • Lip Balm because if you can’t take care of your lips, can you really take care of business?

Get a Functional Wardrobe

Do you have a hard time putting outfits together? Hate it when your clothes just don’t match?  It may be time to go functional with your entire wardrobe. Adopt the smart casual look for all occasions and create outfits that are interchangeable with each other. Avoid those loud/ hard-to-forget pieces and focus on the timeless staples. Every shirt in your closet should match perfectly with any pair of pants regarding color and style. When everything matches you will never be stuck in a spot where you don’t have something good to wear.

Get Back-Up Necessities

Thanks to technology and modern tools, we’re now more productive than ever. The right accessories can make your job a lot easier when you are constantly on the go. Before your next big trip, make sure you have:

  • Headphones to tune out the noise and lock-in on your business. Get headphones with a microphone to handle those important business calls, hands-free!
  • Portable Power Bank to stay juiced up and ready to go, even when no outlets are around.
  • Universal Charging Cable to charge all of your devices at the same time with just a single connector.
  • Manicure Set not just to handle hangnails, but to clip, cut, or file down other things on the go.

Of course, there are plenty of other things you can do to stay groomed even as you travel internationally or skip from interviews to meetings but these tips are a good start for any entrepreneur that finds it hard to stay on point during the hustle and bustle of creating your own way.