Top 10 Habits of the Modern Black Man

Posted by Staff Writer on May 01, 2018
Top 10 habits of the modern black man

Black men don’t reach high levels of success and balance by accident; it takes practice, it takes a daily grind. While the idea of “success” and “balance” remains open for interpretation, there are some definite habits a black man has to develop to maximize his true potential and live his best life.

Living your best life isn’t just about succeeding in all areas, it’s about creating a life of balance so that all of your successes (and failures) can co-exist. It’s about creating a life that’s so well rounded and centered that the universe has no choice but to make things work in your favor.  We asked 10 black men that are always evolving to share the habits that have helped the most.

  1.    They Have a Strong Sense of Self

Everyone has their own opinions on the role of black men in society. Trusting yourself regardless of what others say, believe, or expect of you is absolutely critical. You must get to know yourself inside and out and become comfortable with being alone. Staying connected with your own beliefs, feelings, values, and point of view gives you the power to live for you and only you.

  1.    They Explore the World

A well-traveled black man is exposed to all kinds of different people, cultures, and perspectives. Traveling the world demonstrates the ability to keep an open mind. Taking the opportunity to learn from those who do things differently than you proves you can step out of your comfort zone and adapt to almost anything.

  1.    They Treat Everyone With Respect

Being well – mannered is especially important for black men. Being courteous and polite is just the beginning; respect can be shown through appreciating individual differences and lending a helping hand. Treating everyone you come in contact with respect shows good character and makes people want to return the favor.

  1.    They Focus On Their Goals

A focused black man is dangerous. By choosing your own path, specifying exactly what you want to accomplish, why you want to accomplish it, and a plan to measure and track your progress, it becomes more difficult to lose focus.  By staying away from anything that doesn’t bring you closer to your goals, you’ll be able to avoid drama and accomplish your own thing with class.


  1.    They Start New Things

It can be scary to start something new or build something from the ground up.  An empowered black man is not afraid to take risks, even if it takes them into unknown territory. Trusting your instincts and seeing every challenge as an opportunity allows you to learn and grow. They know that making mistakes is a part of living, so they welcome all experiences with open arms.


  1.    They Never Stop Learning

Education comes in many forms and a well-educated black man won’t necessarily be in a classroom.  Whether it’s staying informed with current events, learning about new tools, techniques, and skills, or networking with like-minded people, a man’s thirst for knowledge is never satisfied.

  1.    They Work Hard

Nothing else brings more results on a consistent basis than hard work. A black man has to be willing to work harder and smarter than anyone else in the room. By putting in the work, even when you don’t feel like it, you’ll always be able to achieve results – whether it’s learning something, building something, or changing something. They’re not interested in shortcuts and free rides and understand you only get what you give.

  1.    They Exude Confidence

There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance; smart men know the difference. A confident black man expects the best possible realistic outcome. Knowing what you’re good at, knowing the value you provide, and acting in a way that conveys that to others is the key to letting confidence seep out of your pores.

  1.    They Live a Healthy Lifestyle

In order to live well, black men take the time to invest in their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  By paying more attention to what you eat, what physical activities you do, how long you interact with social media, and who you spend time with can drastically improve your overall health.  Health is the greatest source of wealth — because you can’t accomplish anything from a hospital bed.

  1.     They Take Care of Themselves

It’s important for a black man to love and approve of himself before hoping that others do. He knows that the skincare products you put on your body are just as important as what you put in your body— so he chooses natural products over the artificial synthetic crap, and his body (and health) thanks him. No matter the role or the occasion, he is always well-groomed, well-dressed, and well-presented.

At Golden Grooming Co., we know that looking your best can help you feel your best, which will, in turn, help you perform at your best. This domino effect of good vibes is bigger than any single product you can buy at the store —it’s the everyday practice of improving from within.


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