Top 3 Beard Trends of 2024

Posted by Golden Grooming on March 21, 2024
A guy with a trendy beard

2024 is shaping up to be a HUGE year for beard trends, with classics making a comeback and new trends being unleashed.

But at Golden Grooming, looking fantastic is more than just following what's trendy; it's about practical advice that keeps your beard looking great.

Here are 2024's top 3 beard trends and how you can use them to keep looking fresher and sexier than ever.

1.   The Return of the Stubble

A smiling guy with a stubble beard

The classic stubble look is back with a vengeance in 2024, and it's stronger than ever.

Gone are the days when stubble was seen as a sign of a lazy grooming routine. Instead, this year's look is about a perfectly maintained, intentionally casual vibe.

It's the go-to for guys who want that roughed-up charm without the hassle of a full beard. 

You can spot Hollywood heavy-hitters like Chris Evans proving that a few days' growth is the right balance between sharp and laid-back.

Here's how to get the perfect stubble:

1.   The Perfect Length

Get a trimmer with various length settings so you can experiment and find your personal stubble sweet spot. Check out Golden Grooming's Professional Beard Trimmer.

Start with the shortest setting to define your neck and cheek lines. Clean lines distinguish between a deliberate style choice and just rolling out of bed.

Then, increase the setting to even out the rest of the stubble and keep it within the magic 1 to 3 mm range.

2.   Fix the Edges

So, you've got the length sorted, but what about keeping those edges sharp?

It's all about defining the jawline and the cheekbones to bring out the best in your face shape.

You'll want to do minor edge control a couple of times weekly to maintain that on-point look. But you don't want to look like you've meticulously drawn on your beard with a ruler.

Keep it natural, keep it cool.

3.   The Right Aftercare

Regarding color and texture, beard oils can be a game-changer—yes, even for stubble.

A drop or two keeps things smooth and gives you just enough sheen to say you care about your appearance, but you're not obsessing over it.

This beard oil by Golden Grooming will keep your stubble looking sharp without all the greasiness other beard oils have.

Remember, whether you're rocking stubble because it looks dope or just buying time until you decide on your next facial hair move, the secret is in the maintenance, man. So, keep it neat and clean, and you're gold.

Rock that stubble like it's made just for you because it is.

2. Full Beard with a New Twist

A guy with a full beard smiling

A full beard has always been a favorite look for many men. People see a guy with a full beard and think, "Wow, he's cool!"

But in 2024, growing a full beard isn't just about leaving it alone. We're talking about giving it a good shape, keeping it healthy, and making your face look even better.

This new way of having a beard, called "Sculpted Fullness," makes your face look neat and shows off your strong and cheerful vibe.

Here's how you can grow and keep your full beard looking great:

1.   Trim it Right

Make sure you keep your full beard neat and in style. Try trimming your beard every couple of weeks or even once a week if it grows fast.

You don't need to cut a lot, just enough to maintain its shape and remove any stray hairs. A small pair of sharp scissors and a good comb can help you make precise snips, or you could use a beard trimmer for an even finish.

If you're new to this, start slow, and it can also be good to visit a barber now and then for extra help or a professional touch.

2.   Eat Foods That Feed Your Beard

The hair on your face needs the right building blocks to grow thick and strong, so eating the right foods is super important.

Go for protein-rich foods like chicken, eggs, and fish. They help your beard hair grow out nice and firm. Then, make sure you're getting in plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Snack on nuts like almonds and walnuts, and don't forget about fruits like oranges and apples, as well as vegetables like carrots and leafy greens.

Besides being great for your overall health, they're also fantastic for your beard growth!

3.   Use the Right Products

Our beard oils and balms aren't just nice to have—they're essential for a full, healthy-looking beard.

Use our Natural Beard Oil after you shower and dry your beard. Use just a little bit—three or four drops should do the trick.

Spread it through your beard and down to the skin underneath to keep it all smooth and stop itching.

A small dab of our Organic Beard Balm is also great for holding your beard in the right shape. Warm it between your hands, smooth it on, and style it as you like.

These products will make sure your beard looks good and feels good all day.

3. The Goatee Comeback

A man of color with a sharp-looking goatee

Goatees are back in style in 2024 and cooler than ever. It's a smart choice if you want something that points to your chin and makes your face look awesome.

This year's all about tidying that goatee and showing off your style.

Here's how:

If you want a neat goatee, keep the edges nice and clean. This means trimming the goatee area well and shaving off the hair around it.

So invest in a quality trimmer like Golden Grooming's The Golden Professional Trimmer 2.0.

Don't forget to keep the rest of your face smooth by shaving off hair outside your goatee every few days so those lines look fresh all year!

The Bottomline

At Golden Grooming, we love the latest beard styles, but we think you're the real star. When you try out the beard looks for 2024, pick the one that feels like you. Your beard shows who you are; we're here to help you look your best.

A great beard isn't just about what's popular. It's about your cool style. Need a little change or want a whole new look? Golden Grooming has the know-how and the gear you need to nail it.

Remember, what's in style now might change, but your own style lasts forever. Stay golden