Top Trendy Beard Styles for Black Men in 2023

Posted by Golden Grooming on August 11, 2023
Top Trendy Beard Styles for Black Men in 2023

Every man knows the power that a well-groomed beard wields. It transcends mere aesthetics; it is a statement of intent, style, and individuality. Of note are the beard styles that have become popular with black men all over the world.

These styles accentuate black men's unique facial features, contour, and hair structure, giving them a sophisticated and artful look.

Let's explore.

Classic Beard Styles for Black Men

Full Beard

man having a full beard

The full beard is the most traditional and popular style on this list. It asserts authority, power, and confidence.

The full beard perfectly defines the unique facial structure of men of color.

Those who sport this style find beard oil helpful in preventing dryness and giving the beard a sleek finish.

Regular trimming is also advised to prevent split ends and keep the beard in perfect shape.


goatee beard type close up sample

This beard style accentuates the jawline and lends an aura of sophistication and style.

Black men prefer the goatee because of its versatility and suitability with most face shapes.

What's great about the goatee is the freedom it affords in terms of styling since it is only grown on the chin.

You can go for a pure goatee (a small beard that doesn't connect to the mustache) or a full goatee (where the beard and mustache form a continuous loop), whichever suits your fancy.


close up photo of a man having chinstrap beard

Black men seeking a minimalistic, crisp, neat look often opt for the chinstrap.

The chinstrap follows the jawline in a precisely trimmed "strap" of hair, hence the name.

Black men with oval-shaped faces or those with strong jawlines like the chinstrap, as this style helps emphasize their features.

Van Dyke Beard

The Van Dyke beard oozes charisma and charm, making it an excellent choice for black men seeking to combine elegance and style.

Named after the 17th-century artist Anthony Van Dyke, this beard style features a standalone mustache and a tuft of hair on the chin that is sculpted to perfection.

Not overly common, the Van Dyke beard makes a unique statement, guaranteeing that you will stand out from the crowd.

Modern and Trendy Beard Styles

Faded Beard

The faded beard is a perfect combination of masculinity, style, and excellent grooming.

Its name comes from the 'fade' technique, where the beard is cut from a longer length at the chin to a short buzz close to the ear and neck area. This gradient effect gives the beard a clean and sharp look.

The faded beard suits men with all types of facial shapes and sizes. It's a cool, trendy beard style that perfectly complements a hairstyle with a similar fade.

Regular trimming and precise blending are essential to maintain the gradient effect.

5 O'clock Shadow Beard

The 5 O'clock Shadow Beard, also known as the stubble beard, is a perfect choice for those who prefer a low-maintenance style.

It gets its name from the appearance of facial hair that has grown since the morning shave, giving the man a rugged, masculine appearance by evening, hence the term' 5 O'clock Shadow.'

The 5 O'clock Shadow Beard can provide an effortlessly chic look for black men. It adds a touch of sophistication and presents a not-trying-too-hard attitude.

It's pretty easy to maintain, usually requiring just a good-quality trimmer to keep the stubble at the ideal length.

Line-Up Beard

The Line-Up Beard is a very structured and geometric style, which gives a refined finish. The sharp edges of a Line-Up Beard make it suitable for those who love an edgy, clean look.

The style involves accurately lining up the boundaries of the beard with a precision trimmer.

Aside from proper trimming, a Line-Up Beard also needs good moisturizing and oiling to keep it healthy and ensure your skin under the beard is well-conditioned.

Circle Beard (Goatee with Mustache)

The circle beard, sometimes called a standard goatee, combines a goatee and a mustache, creating a circular shape, hence the name.

This beard style is perfect for those looking for a neat yet trendy beard.

The circle beard is a popular choice among black men, as it allows for creativity on how thick, long, or stylized the circle can be.

Regular trimming and combing are necessary to keep a circle beard in its most impressive form. It's a look that combines sophistication with a modern aesthetic touch.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Beard Style

Face Shape

The shape of your face plays a crucial role in determining the beard style that suits you best. For instance:

  • Oval Faces: consider yourself lucky if you have an oval face. This shape suits most beard styles, so you have endless options. All you have to consider is which one expresses your personality and style.
  • Square Faces: Opt for a shorter beard style on the sides and fuller at the chin. Black men with square faces find The Goatee and The Short Beard the perfect styles.
  • Round Faces: Go for a style that's fuller on the bottom and shorter on the sides. This will give your face a longer appearance.
  • Rectangular Faces: Choose a style that is fuller at the sides and shorter at the chin to balance the face length.

Choosing a beard style that compliments your face shape allows facial hair to enhance and balance your natural features.

Facial Features

Another aspect to consider is your facial features. Beards can be fantastic tools to accentuate or hide certain components:

  • Strong Jawline: A sculpted goatee or a short beard can accentuate a strong jawline.
  • Sharp Cheekbones: A boxed beard or a classic full beard can draw attention to sharp facial features.

Remember, beards should enhance your features, not overwhelm them.

Beard Growth Patterns

People's hair grows differently: some men's beards grow evenly, while others may have patches.

Depending on your natural growth pattern, some beard styles may not be achievable, so manage your expectations.

For example, a full beard needs an even growth pattern, while a goatee can work well for someone with patchy growth.

Understanding your growth pattern will help you select a beard style that is easy to maintain and groom.

Beard Thickness

The thickness of your facial hair is another crucial factor in choosing a beard style:

  • Thick Beards: Thick beards offer more options as they can be styled in various ways. Classic full beards or faded beards would make the most out of the volume.
  • Thin Beards: Thin beards can be made to look fuller with certain styles, such as stubble beards or circle beards.

Always consider the thickness of your beard because it will also determine the maintenance needed to keep it looking its best.

Personal Style and Preference

Ultimately, your personal style and preference should be the most significant factor in choosing a beard style.

Do you prefer a sleek, professional look?

Would you be more comfortable with a creative, edgy style?

Does low maintenance sound more your speed, or are you willing to spend extra time on grooming?

Your beard should reflect your style and should make you feel good when you wear it.

Bearded Celebrities Who Nailed the Look

Celebrities are known not only for their craft but also for setting trends, including beard styles.

Let's meet five black celebrities who undoubtedly ace their beard game.

1. 50 Cent with Low Box Long Stubble

50 Cent has been famous for his streetwise raps and rags-to-riches story and his stylish beard. The beard is carefully trimmed and shaped to complement his more angular face.

2. Brian J. White with a Small Goatee

Actor and producer Brin J. White, known for Ambitions (2019), here has a simple short afro paired with a small goatee. This beard style looks refined and highlights his pearly white smile.

3. Chiwetel Ejiofor with a Full Beard

The award-winning actor wears a bushy full beard, nicely contrasting with his suit.

4. Jamie Fox with Trimmed Circle Beard

When talking about black celebrities who look great on and off cam, Jamie Foxx easily tops the list. Here, his circle beard with the fade perfectly complements his long face.

5. Lance Gross with Goatee and 5 O’clock Shadow

The Sleepy Hollow actor undeniably rocks his 5 O’clock shadow with his round glasses and fedora. With a thin mustache and a circle beard, Lance Gross sailed through this look.

Best Beard Care Products for Black Men

Remember that a great beard starts with a healthy beard. Here are some quick tips to help you elevate your beard game:

Tip 1: Use cleansers that are specially formulated for your beard and skin. Avoid using regular shampoo and soap that can strip away your beard’s natural oils, making them dry and damaged.

Tip 2: Use beard oils specifically made for black men or balms to condition and style your beard. Beard oil hydrates down to the roots, leaving your beard soft and supple. These natural solutions also help increase beard growth.

Tip 3: Invest in high-quality beard care tools such as beard brush, comb, and trimmer. It will make your grooming experience easy and your beard in perfect shape.

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The Bottom Line

Everyone's face is unique, and choosing the right beard style can help highlight your best features.

When selecting a beard style, consider your face shape, facial features, growth patterns, beard thickness, and personal style.

Your beard is a part of your identity, and you should feel comfortable and confident with it.

After all, it's not just about the beard, but the man behind it.