3 Health Conditions That Are More Common in Black Men
At Golden Grooming Co., we care about what's going on inside your body just as much as we care about the outside. Being healthy is more than just "looking healthy", and we know that physical health is a key factor in overall health. 
7 Beard Growth Tips for Black Men + Choosing the Right Beard Products
Growing a full, healthy, beard is especially difficult for black men because it presents a unique set of challenges that other bearded men don’t have to worry about. Between slow growth and a coarse and curly hair texture, black men’s beards can be harder to groom and manage.
4 Tattoo Skincare Tips for Black Men
Getting a tattoo is almost a rite of passage, especially for black men. Whether it’s for attention, self-expression, or artistic freedom, tattoos have been a staple in the black community. 
A Black Man's Guide to Get Rid of Ashy Skin
Considering how dryness is more visible on black skin, it’s no wonder ashy skin is a popular topic to joke and laugh about. However, ashy skin can be avoided altogether if you make a few small tweaks to your skincare routine. 
5 Top Smart Skincare Tips for Black Men
One of the biggest misconceptions about black skin is that it’s low maintenance. While that may be true for some, melanin-rich skin requires special care and attention. Compared to women, black men tend to have thicker skin due to terminal hair follicles, which help combat wrinkles. 
The Do’s and Don’ts of Skincare for Black Men
Your face is the first thing someone sees when you walk into a room. Are your skin’s imperfections giving the wrong first impression, or is your clear complexion giving you an extra boost of confidence? Black men need to take extra precautions to protect the outermost surface layer of skin...
The Best Skincare Routine for Black Men
Quick question – how much time do you spend on choosing your outfit for the day? What about choosing a barber or your next haircut? How much time do you spend brushing your waves or combing your beard? Now answer this — how much time do you spend taking care of your skin?
5 Reasons Why Black Men Need to Exfoliate
When it comes to skincare for men, the last thing on a black man’s mind is probably exfoliation. We wash, we shave, and we moisturize, but for some reason, we completely skip exfoliation, and then we wonder why our face...
5 Tips for Starting a Black-Owned Business
Nearly half of new businesses result in failure within five years. The following article will take a look at five tips to help you start or maintain a successful black-owned business.
4 Reasons Why Golden Grooming Co. Gives Back to HBCUs
4 Reasons Why Golden Grooming Co. Gives Back to HBCUs What’s your philosophy?  What drives you to get out of bed every day and do your thing? What do you do to give back to the community? Do you help...
The Absolute Worst Products for Black Skin
Melanin-rich skin is a gift. While it’s strong enough to provide superior protection from the sun, it’s still delicate. Using the wrong products can negatively affect your skin—resulting in breakouts, skin damages, rashes, and even permanent scarring. To make matters...
#BroCode - 5 Easy Ways to Uplift a Black Man
Between high rates of unjust incarceration and low rates of employment, black men fight mental and emotional battles every single day. It’s now more important than ever to support our friends when they are in need. Although we’ve been conditioned to not show weakness, a simple kind gesture and a little empathy can change someone’s entire day or even their entire life. Here are 5 great ideas to help you uplift a brother in despair.
The Top 3 Travel Rules for Black Entrepreneurs
Running a business is hard—but running a business while black introduces a whole new set of challenges. Of all the things black business owners must sacrifice, style shouldn’t be one. A well polished and put-together appearance says a lot about you before you even speak, it speaks to your attention to detail, level of professionalism, and even signals to the level of your success. 
10 Black Men That Give Back to the Community
It’s easy to talk about all of the shortcomings and disadvantages prevalent in the black community, it takes a lot more effort to do something about it. This A-List of celebrities, athletes, and superstars have not only entertained us in their various professions, but they also went out of their way to empower and give back to their communities.
Top 10 Habits of the Modern Black Man
While the idea of “success” and “balance” remains open for interpretation, there are some definite habits a black man has to develop to maximize his true potential and live his best life. We asked 10 black men that are always evolving to share the habits that have helped the most.
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