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5 Reasons You Should Ditch Your Old Beard Care For Golden

Healthy Skin Grows Healthy Beards

1. Formulated for black hair and skin

When it comes to caring for black skin and hair, Golden Grooming knows best. By swapping in all natural butters like shea and mango and incorporating ingredients like sweet almond oil and essential oils, The Ultimate Beard Bundle is designed to nourish and hydrate melanated skin and hair better in a way than traditional big brand products never could.

2. Less oil, less grease, more you 

With Golden, you’ll never have to worry about feeling or looking too oily. Our Beard Oil and Beard Balm are formulated with high quality butters and oils known for their quick absorption rate - so you can nourish your skin and hair and show off your natural, healthy shine, without feeling overly greasy. 

3. Smell Like a million bucks, without spending it 

Crafted with essential oils like sandalwood, amber, peppermint, and tea tree, each step of our Ultimate Beard Bundle contains the most amazing woody and herbal fragrance blends to have you smelling great and feeling fresh. When it comes to the ladies, we feel our reviews speak for themselves. They can’t get enough!

4. A cure for dry, sensitive skin

A itchy, irritated beard is one of the biggest driving factors to shave it all off.. but it doesn’t have to be that way. With our three-step beard care routine to wash, nourish, and moisturize, you’ll be feeling silky smooth and itch free, and far more likely to grow your beard to its full potential.

5. Golden isn’t just for your already full beard

It doesn’t take a lot of length to require care - that’s why our Ultimate Bundle contains nutrients to strengthen and nourish your hair while also maintaining skin health and moisture, no matter the length of your beard. It’s all about taking care of what you have and what you’re willing to grow, and we’re here to help you get there.

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  • "I’ve just started using the Golden Grooming products and my beard has went from being wiry and dry to becoming soft with a nice lustre. I’m enjoying the results."

    Larry H.

  • "This product is awesome it arrived quickly, when I received it, started using and have noticed my beard growing thicker, product also has a nice smell, keep up the great work."

    Tyree L.

  • "This bundle was such a good value! Not only was it priced well, but the products are the real deal. They smell great, feel great, and have my beard full and shiny. I’ve tried other companies but Golden is the best by far! Also the brush and comb are legit"

    Norvell M.

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This best selling bundle includes all of our best selling beard products designed to have your beard looking and feeling its best. The Ultimate Beard Bundle includes:

  • Beard & Hair Shampoo

  • Body Wash

  • Beard Oil

  • Beard Balm

  • Beard Cream

  • Body Balm

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