Beard and Hair Shampoo
Beard and Hair Shampoo
Beard and Hair Shampoo
Beard and Hair Shampoo
Beard and Hair Shampoo
Beard and Hair Shampoo
Beard and Hair Shampoo

Beard and Hair Shampoo

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  • Experience the dual benefits of powerful moisturization and sublime conditioning for your beard and hair with our Beard and Hair Shampoo
  • Enjoy the convenience of our dual-action formulation, designed to keep both your hair and beard looking their absolute best
  • Ideal for everyday use, our shampoo gently cleanses and nurtures your hair and beard, leaving them feeling soft and manageable
  • More than just a shampoo, it's your daily ritual to ensuring your beard and hair look their best, feel fantastic, and are protected from environmental stressors
  • Available in: 4 oz. (1 month supply)
Step 1:
Dispense Product into Your Palm

Step into the shower and allow the warm water to cascade over your hair and beard. Dispense a dollop of shampoo into your palm and work the shampoo into a rich lather.

Step 2:
Massage Your Hair and Beard

Gently massage the lather into your hair and beard, allowing the shampoo to penetrate deep within and work its magic.

Step 3:
Rinse and Dry

Rinse thoroughly with warm water, ensuring that all traces of the shampoo are washed away. Towel dry your hair and beard.

Look Sharp, Feel Sharp

Make a lasting impression with your grooming routine designed to help you look sharp, feel sharp, and conquer every moment.

Grooming Made For You

Discover our tailored men's grooming solutions, designed with your unique needs in mind.


4oz bottle

Sunflower Oil

To moisturize and enhance softness

Aloe Vera

Improves hydration

Unlock the secret to a magnificent beard that commands attention.

Your Skin, Your Story

Golden isn't just about skin care - it's about heritage care, resilience, and pride.

True Hue Care

We design solutions to tackle common concerns such as dryness and razor bumps.

Golden Standards

All products are crafted with high-quality ingredients and are cruelty-free.

Skin Deep, Soul Rich

Crafted specifically for men of color, our line ensures you shine from the inside out.

100% Money Back Guarantee
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100% Money Back Guarantee
Secure Checkout
Free Shipping & Returns
100% Money Back Guarantee
Secure Checkout
Free Shipping & Returns
100% Money Back Guarantee
Secure Checkout
Free Shipping & Returns

80,000+ Happy Customer

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"I have used many different products including the big commercial brands, and Golden is by far the best!!! My beard is softer, hydrated, healthy, full and smells manly. I have only used Golden products since stumbling across their ad on Instagram. The growth and shine of my beard since using Golden has me posting selfies daily. They say if you look good you feel good.... Golden has me looking great and feeling even better. If you're single fellas and wanna be chosen, I'd advise you to purchase yourself some Golden!"

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"This cream is far the best in my opinion. The smell, texture and moisturizing factors are number one most important to my skin. I spent a lot of money trying other products, but I'm a repeat customer with this company, its products and most IMPORTANT, their amazing customer service. ❤️💪"

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"Love these products, smell good and look fresh! Great products for men of color."


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the Beard and Hair Shampoo? We have it answered.

Absolutely! Golden Grooming's Beard and Hair Shampoo is a universal grooming ally. Made with plant-based, nourishing ingredients, it's suitable for all hair types.

It cleanses and nourishes your hair and beard alike, promoting their health and freshness. Choose our shampoo for a universally friendly, revitalizing grooming experience like no other!

For most beards and hair lengths, a small dollop of our Beard and Hair Shampoo, roughly the size of a quarter, should do the trick.

However, feel free to adjust this amount based on your hair's thickness, type, and length. Enjoy a refreshing cleanse, customized to your unique grooming needs!

While Golden Grooming's Beard and Hair Shampoo isn't specifically formulated to combat hair loss, it fosters a healthier scalp and hair.

By promoting optimum scalp health and nourishing hair, it indirectly aids in preventing hair breakage and loss. Nourish your mane and help guard against hair loss with our rejuvenating shampoo!

Absolutely not! Our Beard and Hair Shampoo is proudly sulfate-free. Golden Grooming is committed to offering you top-quality grooming, harnessing only the best and healthiest ingredients.

This means you can enjoy a refreshing, effective cleanse without the worry of harsh sulfates. Cleanse with confidence, knowing your hair is in good hands!